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my user is either bestadamdagoat or bestadam on most platforms

list of projects (click on project name for source):
main site (the site you're on rn, also contains sources for any directories within this domain) :::
stadia ble tool archive :::
free operagx arsenal loot (discontinued) :::
cool tool that redirects to your favorite songs :::
uatools (play tricks on sites) :::
texas vanity plate checker :::
competitive coding archives :::
documentation of the ghost multiconnect :::
minecraft server stat logger :::
automate discord webhook posting :::
watch rss feeds :::
flipper zero stuff :::
free pringles bot (discontinued) :::
roblox ingame ugc sniper :::
random roblox scripts i've made :::
roblox script made to scare skids :::
roblox ingame ugc sniper ft. websockets :::